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Meet us at our booth 6-B16 in Hall 6.

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FP1M Energy Co., Ltd, Korea

Innovative Technology for Producing Biodiesel

BiodieselFree-IsraelM Energy Co., Ltd, Korea

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box3M Energy Co., Ltd, Korea

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Company Profile

TransBiodiesel produces immobilized enzyme-based biocatalysts for production of first and second generation biodiesel fuels, complying with ASTM and EN specifications. Biocatalysts are environment-friendly, and enable the use of first and second generation feedstocks, while lowering the total production costs of biodiesel fuels.

The company has won several significant awards, granted by different forums, and received extensive recognition for its innovation and contribution to sustainability.

TransBiodiel's technology and biocatalysts are already applied worldwide by producers of biodiesel.