Environmentally friendly and innovative enzymatic solutions for the bio-energy and the functional food industries


Several plants have been installed worldwide.  A pilot plant has been installed in Israel and another in Shanghai/China making biodiesel from brown grease used cooking oil, respectively. TransBiodiesel Ltd. has collaborated with a Peruvian company Nordtraube in Lima/Peru, launching the first joint enzymatic based Biodiesel plant in Peru in a 50:50 joint venture.

Also in collaboration with M-Energy TransBiodiesel has developed and implemented a biodiesel production process using inexpensive high FFAs brown grease extracted from grease trap on a 30,000 Tons/year. Transbiodiesel Ltd. has entered to a 50:50 joint venture along with ANTAN – a German company; launching the first joint enzyme-based biodiesel plant in Leipzig Germany by Q1 2018.


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